Technology can help improve your health

For contrite and stressed entrepreneurs, managing their own health is a necessary but potentially difficult process. Who has the time to sleep well and be active when you are attached to your computer or smartphone and try to bring money to a young company?

Live better with technology – this may sound like an advertising slogan, but in fact, it should be the motto of your workplace. While technology has made some people more sedentary, which can contribute to health problems, these five products can help them work on their behalf and improve their health and, ultimately, office work.

Number 1: Physical inactivity
The World Health Organization says “move it or lose it” and really do it. Being sedentary is a global problem affecting developed countries. Physical inactivity kills more than 3 million people a year, making it the fourth most common risk factor for death, according to the WHO.

5-ways technology can help improve your health
The Nike + FuelBand with sensors that measure the movement of the wearer
Solution: Nike + FuelBand

The Nike + FuelBand is twice as thick as a Livestrong bracelet and includes accelerometers – sensors that measure the wearer’s movement – as well as other physical activity monitoring circuits. Paired via Bluetooth with an iOS device or connected to a computer’s USB port, the 149-euro tape stores the steps taken, the calories burned and NikeFuel, the company’s motion unit, to monitor your level activity.

The FuelBand features a bright, high-contrast LED display that displays fun animation as you reach your daily activity goal. Moreover, he even keeps time.

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5-ways technology can help improve your health
The SleepBot Android app that tracks a user’s sleep patterns
Problem 2: Bad sleep
If you heard too loud the night before a day of work, you would probably be sick. But many workers have little remorse for going to the office after a sleepless night. Insomnia has proven clinically as dangerous as alcohol, and its effects on the body can be even more disabling, contributing to obesity, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Solution: SleepBot
You follow your rehearsals in the gym, so why not count your 40 winks (or more)? SleepBot is a free Android application that tracks sleep by allowing users to check when they are in the hay and check when they wake up. When you activate the app, the phone is automatically muted and Wi-Fi is turned off, eliminating potential interference.

SleepBot also serves as an alarm clock, sync to a website that stores sleep data, and allows users to analyze trends and write notes about their sleep. Future plans for the application include an accelerometer integration that can measure throwing and turning.

Problem 3: Forgetting to take breaksGoing into a project can produce good business results, but it can also be devastating for your health, from eye pain to back pain. As many workplaces eat and work practices dissolve, employees and business owners often eat at their desks and take breaks to cope with heavy workloads and deadlines.
5-way technology can help improve your health

EVO encourages users to take breaks
Solution: EVO
As a free Chrome and Firefox browser plug-in, EVO encourages users to take frequent breaks. When the plug-in is run in 20-20-20 mode, the computer screen turns black every 20 minutes, prompting users to see an object 20 feet apart for 20 seconds.
In 60-5 mode, users are advised to take a five-minute break every 60 minutes. In addition, the animated robot service guides users through a series of aesthetic gymnastics.

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